26 June 2023

Here he is! Recommended Places to Visit for Eid Holidays for Migrants in West Sumatra, Check Out the Following

By Riarry


BONSERNEWS.com – The moment of Eid is the most awaited time to be able to gather together with family. Not infrequently this once a year moment is very useful for many immigrants to be able to reconnect with their families in their hometown.

Hospitality is getting warmer coupled with vacationing with big families. Here are some recommendations for tourist attractions that must be visited during the Eid holidays by nomads:

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1. Pagaruyung Basa Palace

Pagaruyung Palace is a historical heritage of the Minangkabau kingdom, which is located in Pagaruyung, Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra.

This one cultural destination must be visited if you are on vacation in West Sumatra, because this palace holds a variety of unique and beautiful natural beauty.

Apart from that, if you visit this place, you will feel the old Minangkau sensation, and tourists can also try on traditional clothes for rent in the Basa Pagaruyung Palace.

2. Harau Valley

The next Eid holiday tourist spot is the Harau valley which must also be visited by nomads. The natural beauty of this tourist destination will surely spoil the eyes of the nomads and for a moment make the mind calm.

Apart from that, in the Harau Valley there are many other tourist objects such as European villages, then there are also villas with aesthetic nuances in this destination.

3. Gadang Clock

So for migrants who haven’t visited the clock gadang for a long time, this place could be an option.

Enjoy the cool city of Bukittinggi while visiting the Clock Tower area. Not only that, tourists can also simultaneously enjoy the typical culinary delights of Bukittinggi.

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