26 June 2023

13 Common Mistakes When Washing Your Face, Many People Often Don’t Realize It

By Riarry


BONSERNEWS.com – Washing your face is an important step in good skin care.

Products for washing your face also should not be arbitrary and must be in accordance with the condition of the skin.

Not only that, the right way to wash your face also needs to be a concern for maximum results.

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The reason is, some people may not realize the mistakes when washing their face that should be avoided.

Instead of getting the benefits, mistakes when washing your face can actually have a dangerous impact.

Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, a dermatologist, also shares the most common mistakes one might make when washing your face.

Here’s the list, as quoted from the Indian Express.

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Face Wash Mistakes

1. Washing with dirty hands
2. Not removing makeup
3. Using the wrong cleanser
4. Your water is too cold or hot
5. Do not wash for 60 seconds
6. Excessive cleaning
7. Rub your face dry

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8. Using a washcloth or cloth
9. Exfoliate more than needed
10. Not consistent with cleaning
11. Skip moisturizing after cleansing
12. Washing only once a day
13. Not washing the ears, nose and jawline

Thus, you can be more thorough when washing your face so that these mistakes can be avoided.

Furthermore, Dr Mittal also shared what you should do when washing your face.