26 June 2023

It’s Not Eid If It’s Not Sage, Let’s Get Acquainted with Sage Green Color, which is the Color Trend for Eid 2023

By Riarry


BONSERNEWS.com – If Eid last year, color lilacs become a color trend during Eid, this year’s color sagegreen become a color trend for Eid 2023 which is widely used by Indonesian people.

Even President Joko Widodo and the beautiful artist Maudy Ayunda also looked stunning in colorful Eid dresses sagegreen.

As if he didn’t want to be outdone by his people, President Joko Widodo wore a sage green dress in his video urging them to postpone their return home to prevent a buildup of vehicles at the time of the Eid backflow.

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Not only President Joko Widodo, other artists such as Cut Meyriska – Roger Danuarta, the Uya Kuya family and Ussy Sulistiowati and Andhika Pratama were also seen wearing colorful clothes. sagegreen.

Recognizing Colors Sage Green

Color sagegreen is the color that is trending in Eid 2023.

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One of the unique pastel colors that can be combined with any color.

Actually color sagegreen itself is a blend of green and gray.

This color becomes paler but pleasing to the eye because it is not conspicuous.

Being discreet, this color is elegant and resembles sage.

According to some people, the word sage also means that the person is respected because of his mature and wise attitude, which is combined with the green color which symbolizes nature and peace.

The color sage green also has its own psychological meaning which symbolizes life, nature, calm, harmony, and growth.