28 June 2023

How Indonesian Diva Yuni Shara Takes Care of Her Body and Beauty So It Looks Younger, See Her Reviews

By Riarry


BONSERNEWS.com – One of the Indonesian divas, Yuni Shara, is indeed known as a youthful artist.

Even at the age of 50 she still looks as charming as a young girl.

Yuni Shara is also not grandiose in taking care of her body and beauty.

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He even started using skincare at the age of 50.

Not only that, for Yuni Shara the secret to looking younger is simply loving yourself.

“I just started using skin care at the age of 50. Every time I play tennis, I use facial care,” said Yuni Shara.

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“So I try to love myself for what it is, the pleasures that come naturally,” he continued.

Apart from that, Yuni Shara admits that she spends more time at home.

Including cutting hair to facial care that is not excessive.

The sister of Kris Dayanti also feels that she often does the same activities at home as other housewives.

“Actually, I’m almost the same as other mothers, other women, it’s the same. It’s just that I mostly do it at home, get my hair cut at home, don’t want to do too much grooming, which is only natural,” said Yuni Shara.