26 June 2023

Body aches while in Bali? Refresh with a Natural Hot Spring Bath on Mount Batur, Check the Benefits Here

By Riarry


BONSERNEWS.com – When your body aches while traveling in Bali, you don’t need to worry and refresh yourself by taking a natural hot bath at Mount Batur.

Refreshing aching bodies with a natural hot bath on Mount Batur can restore enthusiasm when on vacation in Bali.

Besides being able to refresh your aching body, bathing in natural hot water on Mount Batur in Bali has many other benefits.

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Travel can sometimes also affect our physical health. The reason for this is because our regular schedule changes to become more lax, for example sleeping later or eating time becomes irregular.

Even so, the fun of traveling makes us not feel tired.

Until the moment we realize that the body feels achy and stiff, especially at night when going to rest.

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Did you know that you can refresh your body aches by taking a bath in a natural hot spring?

There are several locations for natural hot springs in Bali, namely around Mount Batur.

One of these natural hot springs is Batur Natural Hot Spring.

Here you can rest and relax while enjoying the beauty of Mount Batur, as well as Lake Batur, whose water is turquoise green.

Lake Batur which was formed from the crater of Mount Batur is located about 30 km northeast of Ubud in Bali, precisely in Kintamani, Bangli district.