26 June 2023

Why has Borobudur Temple become one of the favorite tourist destinations for domestic and foreign tourists?

By Riarry

Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and in Indonesia, which is located in the Magelang area, Central Java Province, witnessing one of the greatest human masterpieces in history that has never been forgotten, so it has become legendary.

Borobudur Temple tourism is never empty of visitors, lots of visitors who come to see how the splendor and history of this place is, because it contains the meaning of the philosophy of life.

According to historian Peter Carey, Borobudur Temple at that time became a religious monument, as a place of contemplation that also depicts the journey of the Buddha, as well as a symbol of the relationship between the king and his people.

This Borobudur temple has 504 Buddha statues with a meditative attitude and six different hand positions throughout the temple.

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It consists of 3 zones that depict each cycle of human life and this building is decorated with 2,672 relief panels, each of which has a meaning and explains the natural world which has causes and effects in an action.

Borobudur Temple also has its own uniqueness, namely the selection of books carved on reliefs which signify the genius of the ancestors of the Indonesian nation.

In choosing the Buddhist sutras or scriptures that are most suitable for attaining perfect enlightenment in a structured way.

There is integration between Mahayana and Tantrayana which indicates that the architect of Borobudur is a high-level practitioner who has combined Mahayana and Tantrayana practices to achieve perfect enlightenment.

Borobudur Temple is not only a destination for tourists, but is also used as a place of study, Buddhist worship and pilgrimage.

Because this place contains instructions for humans to distance themselves from worldly desires and towards enlightenment and wisdom according to Buddhism.

Editor: Mohamad Irfan Fadly

Source: Various Sources



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