26 June 2023

This is how to visit the Rasulullah Gallery at the Al-Jabbar Mosque

By Riarry


BONSERNEWS.com – Entering the school holiday season, there is nothing wrong with parents taking their children on vacation to religious tourism spots. One of them is the Rasulullah Gallery.

The Rasulullah Gallery is a religious tourism site located at the Al-Jabbar Great Mosque. In this gallery, visitors can gain insight into the development of Islam, even in West Java.

In the Rasulullah Gallery, there are a number of dioramas of the social life of Middle Eastern people during the Islamic era.

Interestingly, most of the information can be accessed with just one touch on the screen through an attractive blend of visual and lighting technology.

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Rasulullah Gallery was inaugurated March 27 Silam. Inside it is divided into 15 rooms with each a different theme.

The five of them will present the story of the development of the Islamic religion starting from the introduction, the pre-prophet era, the era of Mecca, Medina and the arrival of Islam in West Java.

Besides being displayed through visual power, there is also a description of each visual, making it easier for visitors to understand each of the themes presented.

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No less interesting, replicas of furniture and armor from that era are also stored neatly.

To support the display of information, users can read various descriptions about Islamic developments, including understanding the Koran using interactive touch read technology.

Through this technology, things you want to know can be accessed by simply touching them.

This advanced technology is meant to make visitors to the Rasulullah Gallery more interested in learning about the figure of Rasulullah SAW and the development of Islam around the world.

Prospective visitors must register online to visit the Rasulullah Gallery at Masjid Raya Al Jabbar. Registration can be accessed through the official website of DKM Al Jabbar Grand Mosque: