26 June 2023

How to use the correct conditioner, does it have to be rinsed?

By Riarry


BONSERNEWS.com – Conditioner is one of the external hair nutrients used to treat hair to keep it healthy.

This conditioner product is often referred to as a hair moisturizer. This is because the main function of the conditioner itself is to moisturize the hair.

More than that, conditioner actually has other benefits, you know. Besides being able to instantly moisturize hair, conditioner is also formulated to protect hair from sun exposure and make hair look shinier.

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To get these benefits, of course, it requires regular use and by using the correct conditioner.

So, here’s the order of how to use the correct conditioner so that the hair can absorb the nutrients contained in it.

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How to use the correct conditioner

1. Used after shampooing
Before using the conditioner, we must wash the hair first and rinse it clean.

Shampooing itself is done to clean various impurities such as dust and oil in the hair. After the hair is clean, the nutrients in the conditioner can be absorbed to the fullest.

2. Hair should not be too wet
After washing and rinsing, the hair must be squeezed first or can be dried with a towel so that the hair is not too wet.

This is very important to do, because if the hair is too wet it will make the conditioner easily dissolve and not absorb properly.

3. Do not overuse
Even though it is good for hair health, it is not recommended to use conditioner excessively. Its use should be adjusted to the volume of hair you have.

4. Use it from the middle to the ends of the hair
The correct way to use conditioner is to rub it gently starting from the middle of the hair to the ends of the hair.

Avoid using conditioner on the scalp, because this can actually cause problems such as dandruff, limp hair and hair loss.