26 June 2023

Differences between hotels and homestays that we must know before choosing accommodation

By Riarry


BONSERNEWS.COM – When we travel out of town, whether it’s for work or vacation, we really need lodging.

Besides that, entering the holiday season, there will be lots of tourists who are on vacation and definitely need lodging.

Generally, the inns that we know are hotels and homestays, so before we book the inn it’s good to know what the difference is between a hotel and a homestay.

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1. Homestays

Homestay itself is a house whose rooms are rented out to guests for a certain period of time to learn about local culture.

Homestay is a type of accommodation generally offered by local families which allows tourists to stay with them in their homes and experience the daily life of the place.

Typically, homestays offer a bedroom, bathroom and access to household facilities such as a kitchen, living room and backyard.

The homestay building itself is usually located near tourist areas. Usually someone stays at a homestay with the aim of finding cheap lodging that has an environment that blends in with the community.

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2. Hotels

Hotel is a building, company or business that provides lodging services and also provides food and drinks for guests who come and has other service facilities. Which all the facilities are also intended for the general public.

Hotels are usually managed commercially. Most lodging in the form of hotels will provide various facilities such as breakfast, drinks and various other supporting facilities.

Hotels have ratings grouped in star terms, namely 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star.