26 June 2023

4 Local Products Worldwide, I Didn’t Expect Idol SM Entertainment to Like It

By Riarry

BONSERNEWS.com – Many local products worldwide have been exported abroad and are a favorite of foreigners.

Local products that are worldwide, not only food, but also sandals to other products skincare.

The following are local products that have been exported abroad, especially those that are the favorite of SM Entertainment idols.

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What are the global local products? Following BONSERNEWS.com have summarized in this article. Anyway, you must have!


Who does not know this one product. Indomie is a local product that is very global.

Even foreign nationals like America, Japan and even South Korean celebrities really like it.

For SM Entertainment idols, Indomie is very delicious. The texture of the noodles is perfect for eating hot or cold.

They also rated the taste of the Indomie seasoning as being very good, different from the instant noodles made in their own country.

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Kopiko candy often appears in Korean dramas such as Mine, Vincenzo and other dramas.

Kopiko is considered a very tasty candy and can relieve sleepiness, so the price of Kopiko being sold in the country of ginseng is expensive.